Cutting funding not the solution

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Our Republican Congressman Tom McClintock went back to Washington, D.C., to vote on H.R. 1586, which would provide needed funding to federally mandated programs for states. He stood on the floor and argued against any money going to the states. He said, “A school board with a couple of good teachers and an over-paid bureaucrat is probably going to keep the teachers and fire the bureaucrat,” and that the lack of funds would help that happen. I wonder what world Mr. McClintock lives in. We were promised that teachers, firefighters and police officers would keep their jobs back with Prop. 13, and the fat administrative paychecks would take a cut. Look at how that turned out. Just in our own country, in the “General Administration Department” just the salaries and benefits jumped in 10 years from $481,000 in 1999 to $2,032,000 last year. That’s a jump of 422 percent. Who got a 400 percent raise? I haven’t seen a single “over-paid bureaucrat” get fired since Prop. 13 passed. Have you? So starving the states will get us what? More people on the unemployment line. Dink Lane, Garden Valley