Democracy costs money

Reader Input
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I disagree with the opinions of the citizens interviewed for Gus Thomson’s Dec. 30 article on the special election for the District 1 Senate seat. It is not Ted Gaines’ fault that the election code is the way it is. We shouldn’t ask potential candidates to not run because the election will cost more. Imagine what that system would be like. Sorry Mr. or Mrs. Candidate, you can’t run because it will cost more than if you don’t. How much more would we use to disqualify a candidate? Shifting the blame for the cost of our electoral freedom to one candidate is not logical. I will bet a lot of money that Mr. Mark Rosen, the chairman of the Auburn Area Democratic Club, who is quoted as saying “it is a waste of money,” would be a staunch defender of the cost if the candidate in question were a Democrat. I would even venture a guess that the extra cost argument was a campaign strategy on the part of the Democratic factions. I hope the Auburn Journal has not become a pawn of this effort. Maybe a better article to write would be, “Does the electorate want some candidates disqualified if their running results in higher election costs?” Bob Snyder, Auburn