Democrats guilty as well

Reader Input
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Jim Beall Sr.’s “Blame the GOP” letter (Reader Input, Oct. 21) requires some clarification. Somehow he missed the sequence of events that have occurred the last three years The Democrats have been in control of both House and Senate for almost three years. One can hardly blame Bush for anything without placing blame on the Democratic party as well. When blaming the falling economy on the GOP, it is apparent Beall has not seen or heard the video footage played for many months on TV and radio showing President Bush’s adviser testifying to Democrat Congressman Barney Frank’s Financial Services committee. Bush’s adviser warned that housing loans are being given to people who cannot afford them. Frank dismissed the legitimacy of the matter and failed to investigate. Hence, loans were not paid, and houses were foreclosed. This fact contributed to the downward spiral of our economy. Beall makes the accusation that our foreign policy was based on lies. After 9/11 the Democratic party supported Bush’s foreign policy strategy. If there were lies being told, both parties must be responsible. As for the delta smelt vs. farmers in California, it is true that the Democrats favor the fish over providing food and jobs for people by diverting water away from farmland. Many of the orchards have died. Some of our food will have to come from other countries at a higher cost to the consumer. And farmers and their workers are now unemployed. Facts do not support Beall’s “Blame the GOP” game. Dianne Foster, Foresthill