Dems exempt from own chaos

Reader Input
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Who can you believe? One side says that we will have a financial armageddon if we don’t raise the debt ceiling. Scare tactics abound from the Democrats. Republicans insist on spending cuts and no tax increases. One thing is clear and that is we heard that if we did not pass Troubled Asset Relief Program we would have total collapse in the economy. Well, gee! We bailed out the unions and Wall Street and then we had “stimulus” because TARP did not work. Lots and lots of Americans lost jobs and homes and their dignity and this was the result of the “experts” in Washington. Now the same “experts” are spouting off again about to raise or not to raise. Does anyone there know the truth? Most or all of the politicians just regurgitate what their party spews out. We, the American people, just want the truth. But I have a gut feeling that if the debt ceiling is not raised that the Democrats in power are damn well going to make sure that there will be lots of pain even though its avoidable so that they use it as political currency to get Obama re-elected. After all, they are exempt from whatever chaos they create. James McKesson, Auburn