Dental clinic needed greatly

Reader Input
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I was very concerned about the dental clinic located at 11526 “C” Ave., Auburn (Journal, Oct. 1). I heard by hearsay that the clinic was shutting down due to lack of funding. People have nowhere else to go for free in this county. I volunteered and took a senior citizen to the clinic, and had to beg to get her emergency situation taken care of. That was over a year ago. Every low-income person who goes to the emergency room can’t get seen there. They are told to make a dentist appointment! We have to have some compassion for the unemployed, elderly and low-income children and citizens of this county. Put yourself in that situation! When I looked up the Board of Supervisors meeting for the public hearing I couldn’t find any info at all on this meeting. Please help keep this clinic open by attending this meeting. I hope they have better advertising, so this clinic isn’t shut down quietly. Pat Hansen, Meadow Vista