Digital TV discriminates against poor

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In the 1950s when radio shows and personalities moved over to television and disc jockeys and phonograph records known as Radio Savior took over AM radio, people in the 1950’s could afford to purchase brand new black and white televisions because money was very plentiful and TVs were selling for two hundred or more dollars and so were outside antennas. People could afford to buy everything and there was no loan companies practicing loan sharking. Today almost a year after the housing and bank crisis the Federal Communications Commission decides to launch a new TV signal going straight digital and canceling out the analog signal and discriminating against low income and poor people because those converter boxes are no good. I can only get UHF channels and no longer VHP Channels, which means I am no longer in touch with the outside world. I have a twenty decibel gain adjustable antenna amplifier in series with the antenna and converter box and the gain control cranked up to maximum and nothing to show for it. I cannot afford cable or satellite antennas and that’s what it will take to restore the signals and I feel that with people like myself I think and feel that its only fair that the Federal Communications Commission install a new satellite dish free of charge and installation and everything free of charge so viewers like me can watch all the VHF Channels or even free cable television. I feel that it is only fair; after all, the Pledge of Allegiance says “Liberty and justice for all. Think about it. Thank you. PAUL ANDREW PEASE, Grass Valley