Dispense love and kindness each day

Reader Input
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So, a school-wide lockdown at Placer because someone thought they saw a part of gun in a backpack of someone they couldn’t identify (Journal, Sept. 28)? Perhaps on the heels of this event the school could screen “Bowling for Columbine” for the students, so that viewers may absorb the negative elements of living with a fear-based mentality. Let’s be clear: if the next coming of Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris want to shoot up a school community, they will succeed regardless of how many precautions we try to take. Ditto if terrorists decide to slam into another building or blow up a bridge. It’s a better choice to live each day dispensing love and kindness to our fellow community members; even making a special effort to dispense more kindness to those who seem to be struggling or ostracized. Stuart Foldez, Auburn