Do you really think such things are fair?

Reader Input
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I have some questions for Willard Schmehl of Cool (Reader Input, Oct. 4). Do you really think it’s fair that Warren Buffett’s secretary pays more of her earnings to income tax than he does? Many large companies paid no taxes last year because of loopholes. Where are my loopholes? This is what we leftists think is unfair! Aren’t you appalled that, if it is true, 50 percent of wage earners earn so little that they owe no income tax? To me that indicates way too much poverty in this very rich country! Do you really think it’s fair that we subsidize oil companies when they made record profits last year? I do resent my hard-earned tax money going to those well-off oil companies who seem to be doing just fine. As to separation of church and state, I interpret the First Amendment to say that government must stay out of religion so I assume the opposite must be true. I have not heard anyone say they want government to censor religious practice or speech except for those on the right who have spoken of censoring Muslims. Personally, I would be just as happy not to hear government people expressing their religious beliefs. Paulette Walter, Colfax