Do your part to conserve water

Reader Input
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As you are all well aware, there has been a collapse of the PG&E Bear River Canal near Colfax. This is resulting in shortages of both treated and untreated water that could have potentially devastating consequen-ces for the agricultural community and others within Placer County. While Placer County Water Agency and PG&E are working full time to repair the breach and get a temporary fix in place, you can help. Please pass along a request to everyone in your community to voluntarily conserve water in order to allow the greatest flows to continue down the existing canals until a repair to the Bear River Canal can be made.  Your conservation efforts “upstream” will greatly help our friends and neighbors down the hill. I thank you all for your immediate compliance — let’s all break out those brooms, let our cars and rigs get dirty and only water when absolutely necessary. Jennifer Montgomery, Placer County Supervisor, District 5