Don’t buy hype of rodeo ‘show’

Reader Input
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To attend the Folsom Rodeo is to condone traumatizing, torturing and terrorizing innocent animals. No calf bolts straight out of a gate unless it’s in a full-blown panic. Then its neck is snapped at the end of a rope, but to make it palatable, rodeo promoters changed the name from “calf roping” to “tie-down.” Wannabe cowboys puff up at their accomplishment, and ignorant audiences applaud. Stock providers balk at anesthetizing injured animals because then they can’t go to slaughter (where many are headed anyway — throw-aways). Horses and bulls are electrically shocked with the excuse that the animal was “stalling.” That is a lie to begin with, but if they do have a chute “staller,” that animal shouldn’t be in the rodeo at all. If they “love to buck” so much, why is a tightly cinched flank strap needed? It’s all hype — no rancher would ever subject livestock to such inhumane activities, but the public falls for it. Tail raking, clandestine wire poking, ear twisting and more, all go on behind the scenes to agitate poor, defenseless, trapped animals. Many websites provide visual proof that rodeos should be outlawed. Boycott rodeo. Jim Cather, Loomis