Don’t condemn those Marines

Reader Input
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Enough whining about some U.S. Marine snipers urinating on dead Taliban (Journal, Jan. 15). Whoever took the video was an idiot, and whoever released the video is a traitor. Taliban killed nearly 3,000 American civilians on 9/11. Taliban ruthlessly beheaded Daniel Pearl’s throat, posting the violent bloody death on the Internet. Bet the Pearl family is not whining. Taliban I.E.D.’s kill and maim U.S. soldiers daily. How does having an arm or leg blown off compare with being urinated upon after you’re dead? Our Marine snipers are trained killers. We ask them to willingly look through a riflescope and watch an enemy’s head explode in red spray. War is ugly. It would be just wonderful if people never wronged other people — Neverland. Has every whiner considered that the Taliban would eagerly slaughter them and their families? Perspective, fellow Americans — it was a dumb prank. Boo-hoo, they showed disrespect for the dead despicable ruthless killers. America cheered when General Patton urinated in the Rhine after conquering Germany. I cheer for you Marines! The attention-grubbing politicos and spineless military “leaders” condemning these Marines need to cease — get behind our Marine soldiers! What happened was unfortunate, but it was trivial, and not worthy of condemnation of those fine U.S. Marine fighters. Semper Fi! Richard Dann, M.D., Auburn