Don’t let change ruin Auburn’s identity

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It looks like I will miss the proposed special meeting on Central Square but I would like to forward some thoughts. By now you should be more familiar with the history and why the name “Central Square.” Beginning in 1890, the locals wanted to unite the two areas of town. To this day the feeling is that it has not worked. I don’t think it ever will, no matter how much money is thrown at it. The era, look, priorities of merchants and mind-sets are different. The area between the two cannot be shrunk. It is a transition space. The proposed statues will be a temptation to more vandalism. Do we really need a fire pit in this era of “no burn days?” Why would we want 200 people in Central Square? Parking? Restrooms? Let’s be more realistic. The names commemorated should be on bricks to match those at the clock tower and chamber of commerce. There should be criteria to qualify. If they are to be “historic,” the rule of thumb is 50 years from the event or a persons passing. New names can be added over time. Don’t make the same mistakes as Tahoe City and Kings Beach (Another View, July 16)). Traffic needs to flow, not be hampered by obstacles. Don’t make this area one that the locals will want to avoid. Too much change and Auburn will lose its identity. DONNA HOWELL, past president Placer County Historical Society, Auburn