Don’t parrot reform myths

Reader Input
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As I was reading the letter from Libby Prall (Reader Input, Aug. 17) I wondered where she is getting her information. As far as her many sources for “Euthanasia for all older people,” it sounds like the right-wing talk show hosts’ rantings. The real idea is for doctors of people over the age of 65 to get paid to have a conversation about a “living will.” I, being a baby boomer myself, already have one, which I’ve had for about seven years. The idea actually came from a Republican lawmaker. But, Rush/Glen/Bill will do anything in their power to stop this reform from happening. Our health system is broken. Just ask anyone that has been turned down for coverage of a “preexisting condition,” or a couple in their 50s paying over $800/month for their health coverage (and this is a healthy couple). We are the only civilized country on earth that doesn’t give its citizens health care. I can only hope that we can pass some type of health care reform, in spite of the propaganda out there. The insurance companies have gotten rich off of us for far too long. Ruth Krasner, Auburn