Downtown businesses deserve boost

Reader Input
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Congratulations! Sunday’s Our View editorial, “Cruise Nite deserves a little rev,” was very astute. Being in the jewelry business makes me realize that the “Endurance” events bring many people into town, the majority of which are the participants and their support group. These people don’t shop and don’t eat in the local eateries because they need different foods. Last Sunday (May 30) we had a bicycle race in Downtown. Lincoln Way and some side streets were closed. Traffic and retail on our end was dead. We have to attract the people going up and down Highway 80 into Downtown. Old Town you can see from the freeway. Downtown is hidden. Several years ago the city promised signage to direct traffic to Downtown – so far that has not happened. The re-development project is a big bonus for Downtown and will eventually bring foot traffic into the area. However, this is a slow process and the economic times have caused many businesses to leave Downtown. When we lost our only department store in Downtown we also lost the local people who shopped in Auburn. Christmas time was a prime example of that — not one shopped in Auburn. What shopping was done was in the malls down the hill. Until we have again a viable anchor department store in Auburn we will not attract small entrepreneurs. In addition, the political climate does not encourage any enterprise large or small. The cost of doing business in California and the U.S.A. is getting too expensive. I hope God gives wisdom and grace to the powers that be to recruit the right business mix into Auburn so Auburn has a tax base to survive on. MARGARETA SWANN, Auburn