Dr. Ainsleigh’s word prevails

Reader Input
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I’ve known Dr. (Gordon) Ainsleigh for almost 20 years now, and find him thoroughly worthy of being called my friend. If Dr. Ainsleigh says the incumbents in this ARD election aren’t representing the will of the people, you can bet it’s true. If Dr. Ainsleigh says that an ARD survey more than four years ago shows “trails and greenways” to be the No. 1 park feature our population wants more of, he’ll show you the graph to prove it (as he did me). And if Dr. Ainsleigh is using that graph, and the fact that ARD still has zero trails four years after that survey was done, as a proof that the incumbents are indifferent to what the people want and need — well, that’s a self-evident fact. If Dr. Ainsleigh says that Scott Holbrook has thoroughly destroyed the good working relationship that ARD until recently had with Placer County government by being rude and abusive to two county supervisors and the directors of Placer’s Facility Services Department and Parks Department, you can bet that ARD relationships with the county will be strained as long as Holbrook is in office. Dr. Ainsleigh’s bravery with the truth is clearly unacceptable to some people. Jack Hertel, Newcastle