Dream Act equals blatant incompetence

Reader Input
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AB 131, California’s Dream Act was passed by the Legislature and is headed to Gov. Brown’s office for signature. (It) passed purely along party lines. The Democrats in the Legislature have once again proven their total lack of fiscal responsibility, adherence to the Constitution (rule of law), common sense and logic. They demonstrate again it’s about them; votes i.e. power, money, control, and not what’s best for California! This bill is worse than the current AB 130 that authorized private financial aid to “illegal” students. AB 131 will provide public financial aid, taxpayer money for “illegal” students to attend our state colleges at an annual cost of $40 million. The Constitution states one must enter this country legally; therefore being “illegal” is a violation of the rule of law. Accordingly, if someone breaks the law they should be jailed. These self-serving, dysfunctional, power-hungry legislators in their absolute disregard for the law have decided they will reward “illegal’s” for breaking the law, thereby encouraging more illegals to this state. Why not — break the law, get rewarded? See anything wrong with this picture? What’s next, calling drug dealers “undocumented pharmacists?” At a time when legal college students are being forced to pay higher fees and denied aid and grants, we provide free funding to illegal students to attend our colleges. Last week the Legislature also decided to close 70 state parks next summer. Why??They don’t have the $22 million yearly funds. Excuse me, but we’re going to spend $40 million a year for illegals and yet close 70 state parks because we lack the $22 million/year. Does anyone else see insanity and complete incompetence at its best in our state capital? No wonder this state is broke. Here’s a novel idea. Instead of giving rights to illegals and finding more ways to “illegally” spend taxpayer money, how about focusing on what’s best for the state and creating an economic revival? Steve Cavolt, Auburn