Driver almost roadkill on I-80

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Dear Sir, I’m not sure what happened today to enrage you to the point of wanting to kill a random fellow commuter, but let’s be honest, that’s what you tried to do. At 5 p.m. I took the southbound Sunset onramp onto Highway 65. Near Blue Oak, I noticed your silver sedan kissing the bumper of my 20-year-old Jeep. Clearly you wished to go faster, but my old Jeep can’t go any faster and due to traffic, I couldn’t move over. Approaching Pleasant Grove, I was in the left lane in order to merge with eastbound 80 traffic. I didn’t notice when you switched to the middle lane, until you pulled aside me and jerked your steering wheel to the left and attempted to ram me into the cement divider. I actually believed that maybe you didn’t realize that I was right next to you until you did it a second time. I was dismayed that a gentleman of your apparent maturity 60s? 70? would do such a thing! As you made your getaway across two lanes of traffic to exit at the last second at Galleria Boulevard, I’m assuming you did so in order to avoid having your plate number recorded. You, Sir, in your silver Mercedes or whatever you drive, should grow up! Jenny Johnson, Foresthill