Driving by high school a pain

Reader Input
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Re: “Placer High should guide student traffic” (Reader Input, Jan. 31): I think Placer student traffic is insane! I have to drive there every day to drop my sister off and the traffic is crazy. The stoplights take forever because of the Placer students walking back and forth across the crosswalk. They take their time walking across those things, too. The students either need to find a new route to their class or direct their own traffic. Every time we drive to Placer or even just by it we get caught up in all the student traffic. All the new high school drivers are pretty annoying, too. Once my mom and I were driving and one of them slammed into the back of us. They need to have their own lanes or something. I hate it when we’re trying to get somewhere and they are just standing there in the middle of the road. They don’t care about other drivers or anyone else; they just do whatever they want. We have to drop my sister off first and because of the traffic, I am always late to school. I have to run to class every day, and that gets annoying. I honestly think it would be better if they just directed their own traffic. CAMERON COUTO, student, Auburn