Earth Day should be treated as religious holiday

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Well it appears to be time to revisit the concept of “separation of church and state.” If Christ, Christmas, Easter and the Ten Commandments must be removed from the public square, so must this government-sanctioned display of religion be halted. Last week, I witnessed a new age version of religion being foisted upon the citizens. Where is the ACLU, lawsuits and public outrage? We must remove this scourge from the public square. Think of all the little children that are being harmed by this outrage. In the event you missed it, let me explain. The religion I am talking about is “Earth Day,” a prime example of a pagan religion if ever there was one. All the commercials, school and government programs that have us all bowing down to “Mother Earth” are offensive to the sensibilities. Since anything that offends anyone is now considered intolerable in this politically correct country we now live in, we must abolish any form of government participation in Earth Day. For the record, I am offended. May the non-sectarian, non-judgmental, sexually neutral, middle-of-the road, non-offensive supreme being of your choice, bless you. Can I say that? Richard Beckler Colfax