Eating contest provides laughs, food and spirit

Sophomores take the title
By: Bridget Jones, Journal Staff Writer
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Placer High students gobbled up whipped cream and candy during the Homecoming festivities that filled the school Tuesday. A lunchtime eating contest featured students from each grade level searching for candy in pie tins full of whipped cream. Junior Sharon Sahagun, 16, headed up the activity Tuesday. “I’m excited about it because we have people outside Leadership participating in it,” Sahagun said. “I really like watching eating contests. I couldn’t do it.” The band Just Friends supplied the music for the event. Singer and junior Cassady Latham, 16, said before the contest started that she thought it would be entertaining. “I think it’s kind of funny,” Latham said. “One of my friends is in the eating contest, and I just think it’s going to be funny to see him stuff his face.” Junior Rachel Roskelley, 16, said she had multiple reasons for signing up for the contest. “I love whipped cream,” Roskelley said. “I could probably eat a whole can. A lot of my friends are in Leadership, so I wanted to support them. So, I thought I would help out, get some participation in.” Sophomore Benjamin Hale, 15, said he liked the fact that the contest provided students with entertainment during lunch. “I wanted to participate in it because I can eat, and I think I’m the best,” Hale said. “I think it’s pretty cool. It gives you something fun to do.” Senior Laurel Davies, 17, said she appreciated the chance to be a part of the contest and enjoys all the lunchtime activities. “I pretty much am hungry all the time, and I can eat a lot without getting full,” Davies said. “People are surprised. Homecoming week is pretty much just supposed to be fun, so the lunchtime activities just add to that.” Michele Henley, who graduated from Placer High, watched happily as her freshman son, William, 14, participated in the contest. “It kinds of brings back (high school) memories in a way,” Henley said. “I’m just glad to see my son gets to partake, even though he is in the special-needs class.” As the students dived into the dessert, some chose to use their hands to dig for the candy pieces while others shoved their entire faces into the pie tins. Hale claimed the first place title for the sophomores. The juniors came in second, seniors third and freshman fourth. Points earned from the contest will be added to their class totals. Class competition winners are planned to be announced during Friday’s Homecoming rally. Sophomore Stephanie Sykora, 15, said she enjoyed the contest and appreciates the various games and dress up opportunities available during Homecoming week. “I thought (the contest) was enthusiastic, and it showed a lot of school pride – that they would do that,” Sykora said. “I think (Homecoming week) is really fun because it is a chance to do crazy stuff and dress up. I think it’s awesome.” The school also held its Powder Puff/Color Rally Tuesday, and the Powder Puff senior football game was scheduled for 7 p.m. at Le Febvre Stadium. Reach Bridget Jones at