Educate women on self-control

Reader Input
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I have tried to read, as much as possible, the many articles that have been written on the abortion and anti-abortion issues. As I understand it, abortion supporters contend that women should be able to take control of their bodies and make their own decisions. Anti-abortionists’ concern is preserving the right to life for the baby that has been conceived. We have very dedicated groups on both sides of the fence feeling so right. There has been a tremendous amount of time, money, and energy expended on this issue. Yes, women should be able to be in control of their bodies. Yes, the life of the unborn child should be preserved. If we expended as much time, finances, and energy on teaching women how to take control of their bodies, they wouldn’t have another human being involved, taking that control away from them? These women need to be taught self-esteem, self-control, and that their bodies are to be respected. They are not another person’s toy to be used for his pleasure. If we would take the next five to 10 years, starting now, to build these women up, spiritually and emotionally, we-would have a tremendously positive group of women. Then we would truly be able to say that they are in control of their bodies, and making their own choices. ELLY DERR, Auburn