Education/Beck link is unclear

Reader Input
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Although I live outside Auburn, I enjoy the Auburn Journal and read with some interest letter writer Brian Hassett’s (Feb. 15) assessment of Glenn Beck. For those who don’t know, Beck is a commentator on Fox News television. My interest, though, was in his comment as to “our careless attitude toward education, millions of Americans are in the same rudderless boat as (Beck) is.” Identifying himself to be a former teacher of college English, I would like to read more as to Mr. Hassett’s assessment of education. I could not agree more that our educational system stands improvement, but what would be his more careful attitude? This is not an affront to Mr. Hassett as to his feelings of Beck and his TV show, but one of genuine interest as to education being the fault of Beck’s “mind jumps” and those of his followers. We can turn off the TV, but heaven forbid we turn our backs on education. Jim Linsdau, Lincoln