Educators get no gifts

Reader Input
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In the recent headlines and related article, the Journal leads people to believe that resources of government, the people’s money, are being freely gifted to retired educators. Let the record be clear: retired educators are not gifted a single cent of government money! After a long career of dedicated service, educators are given nothing. During their career, educators have their wages attached and a portion of their income placed in a pension plan similar to the option that private sector workers have. Educators have a pension that is based primarily on length of service, age and salary. The pension is managed by a government agency but the money is not from the public coffers. The pension fund is the accumulated wealth that was gathered through years of investment and deductions just as in a private sector pension plan. Only a fool would consider this money anything other than the property of those who have earned it through a career of service to the children of this and other communities. If you actually believe education is such a money-maker and requires so little, get on the gravy train now! Get that degree. Get that credential. Get that job in education. Be forewarned: recent statistics show that half of the people who do just that don’t last in education five years! Martin Maeding, Weimar