Elect Alpine to water agency

Reader Input
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The Placer County Water Agency race has devolved into a popularity contest. Scratch the surface and find clear contrast. (Cheryl) Maki and (Otis) Wollan want to change the role of PCWA to advance their own agendas. Only (Joshua) Alpine will do what’s best for both Zone 3/District 5 and Placer County. Maki, state regulator, professional board member who knows wastewater, falsely believing that translates, tries to bamboozle. It’s cover for a raid on Middle Fork American River Project money for regionalization. Wollan has long-ignored conflicts of interest with personal environmental non-profits. He will “tithe” 10 percent MFP money for fire prevention. An enviro-ideologue and founder of Fire-Safe Councils, he is an expert grant-writer. Well-intentioned as Fire-Safe Councils are; sadly they have failed in purpose, results and grants received. Wollan is complicit. Regionalization is important. Effective forest management is critical. Neither fall within PCWA’s lawful responsibility. Uniquely qualified with expertise running our watersheds, only Alpine offers far-reaching plans, knowing: Increased storage is vital. Fire prevention/protection is critical. Unserved residents of Zone 3/District 5 get water ASAP. PCWA’s Strategic Plan, implemented ASAP. Placer Agricultural is in immediate jeopardy. Water is key to development and future generations’ survival. Only Alpine offers clean solutions; protecting rights, keeping rates low and fighting regulation and confiscation. John Greene, Weimar, former chairman Weimar-Applegate-Colfax Municipal Advisory Council and Water and Power Subcommittee chair