Electorate uninformed

Reader Input
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After reading the response of six random folks concerning Auburn?s City Charter issue, is it any wonder why we have Obama in the White House today? One says more detail is required. Have we not had this issue discussed pretty well over the last two months in the Journal? Another seldom listens to the news. How about reading a newspaper? Another hasn?t looked into it but has seen the signs and is not sure what to think. And then one does not get a newspaper. Where does he get his info to vote on any particular issue? The last one does not know anything about it. The electorate seems to be uninformed and/or just does not care enough. I fear a repeat of the 2008 election will bear me out and put this guy, whom we know very little about for some of the info is sealed and the news media is afraid to ask probing questions. We do know now what his agenda is and it?s not the U.S.A. that I want my grandchildren to experience. JAMES McKESSON, Auburn