Endurance is a very big deal

Reader Input
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Regarding the plaza in Auburn: What difference does it make what the name is? There will most likely not be a big sign that states “This is the ‘Whatevername’ Plaza!” I heard someone refer to it as that place where McCords Flooring business used to be. More specifically, I want to address a comment made by G.L. Davis of Auburn (Reader Input, April 14). G.L., if you think that endurance has not made a big impact on the Auburn area, wake up and look around the whole world of endurance sports. The sport of ultra-marathons and long distance horse races are the fastest growing sport in the world. From Fédération Equestre Internationale where horses are being flown all around the world to compete, to the shorter competitions, there are most likely millions of participants in these two sports alone, not to mention the off-shoots. Endurance as it is known today started to get really big right here in Auburn in 1955. That is all a result of one man, Wendell Robie. Now also consider the financial impact that those sports have on the area. Auburn was destined to be drowning in a big watershed for Southern California called Lake Auburn until a variety of fortunate circumstances canceled that project. Now it is a recreation destination for thousands who spend money in our local business area. Potato Richardson, Greenwood