Enforce California's cleaner air laws

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In a regional (Jan. 23) paper outside of our district, Congressman Rep. McClintock of District Four, disparages the governor’s attempt to have enforceable, California’s law for cleaner air through higher vehicle emission standards. The basis of his objection is that this will “destroy California’s economy.” In this he joins forces with the Petroleum Institute and the three auto CEOs, who have driven their companies to the edge of bankruptcies while opposing vehicle efficiency regulations for twenty years. Tom should note that as of now Toyota is the largest car manufacturer in the U.S. In a recent 400-mile trip to the coast my hybrid’s MPG, measured and calculated, was 52.1. That’s a fact. This trip would have burned 4 to 5 times more fuel in our late gas guzzler. Why would any intelligent person oppose efficiency and support this eight-year failed and harmful policy? That opposition could further harm our air quality, balance of payments and national security; even George Bush has recently said that. Further, Freshman McClintock says, against all odds, that the governor is using “highly questionable junk science.” With this he joins the authoritative Rush Limbaugh, while ignoring the massive preponderance of scientific papers that cite [really dangerous] global warming as a result of human activity. However, if science is not so understandable, our “Rep” should consider applying Dick Cheney’s “1% Doctrine.” Jon W. Candy, MD Loomis