Engineer elevated road for Ravine

Reader Input
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I’ve heard a lot about the developer’s proposed access into the Baltimore Ravine project. However, it seems to me that a superior access would be to require the builder to engineer an elevated road off of the Maidu and Auburn Folsom Road signalized intersection. This created elevated road would, No. 1, naturally preserve the surrounding area, while giving a developer an adequate access point; No. 2, retain the designated and created wetlands below; No. 3, provide an exclusive auto entrance into the area and No. 4, relieve the controversy of spanning the historic Bloomer Cut in the Union Pacific right-of-way and building a 60-foot wide “alley” between 15 houses along the Herdal right-of-way that is projected to be used by 8,000-plus vehicle trips per day. Further, if future development would warrant it, I foresee the possibility of adding an exclusive bicycle and pedestrian access which would then utilize the Herdal extension. We all are aware of problems that can and do occur when mixing pedestrian, auto and bicycle traffic, so why not keep them separate? If your city employees, planning staff and city council have the long-term interests of the South Auburn area foremost in their hearts and minds, I think they should seriously consider this option. If alternate access points can be arbitrarily dismissed citing only economic or financial considerations, then perhaps the entire Baltimore Ravine project needs to be reevaluated. JUDY EMMERT, Auburn