Event centers don?t belong

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Thank you, reporter Gus Thomson for your story on the expansion of event centers in rural areas of Placer County.

Our property is in the area impacted by Gold Hill Gardens in Newcastle. Our land abuts a renowned horse training facility. Less than a mile away is a Grange hall. There is an active fruit/vegetable farm at a close-by intersection and, around the corner, an organic wholesale/retail veg and egg operation. 

These are all appropriate uses for our agricultural zoning. Developer Mike Carson, in his project description, lists the following: Rural Recreational Guest Ranch, Wedding Ceremonies and Receptions, Growing and Sales of Nursery Plants/Materials, Garden Viewing/Tours/Daytime Visits, Guest Ranch Cottages. These are not agricultural activities and don’t belong in an area of narrow unlit roads where all his neighbors depend on wells not being depleted, peace and quiet not being interrupted and property values not declining more than they already have.

The Planning Department is calling this a “Community Center” because that’s the only description in the zoning ordinances that remotely fits this development. 

I ask you, reader, what do you think is a Community Center? If you live in a rural area, are you protected from this type of incursion? Call me a NIMBY; I gladly will wear the title.

Patricia Burke, Newcastle