Expect triple-digit heat Friday

By: Loryll Nicolaisen, Journal features editor
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Today, to put it quite simply and brutally, is going to be hot. Auburn got a little bit of a toasty taste Thursday of what’s to come over the weekend, with highs in the mid-90s by 3 p.m., according to the National Weather Service. But today? “It looks like (Friday) is the hottest it’s going to be,” Angus Barkhuff, a National Weather Service forecaster, said of today’s projected high of 102. The heat continues into the weekend, tapering slightly, with a projected high of 101 Saturday and 98 Sunday. By Monday, according to the National Weather Service, Auburn will be back down to the high 80s. Whether you plan on weathering the heat outside in the pool or inside on the couch, it’s especially important to stay hydrated on days like today, said Dr. Mark Vaughan of the Auburn Medical Group. No matter how cooling, replenishing or refreshing a beverage might claim to be, nothing beats plain old water, Vaughan said. “The thing to do is drink a lot of water but not to exceed one to two liters per hour,” he said. Vaughan has a number of hot-weather suggestions for Auburnites — take it easy, wear light-colored clothes and hats with good ventilation, use fans, find shade whenever possible, and take advantage of air conditioning where you can get it, whether that’s in the car, the mall or the library. While Auburn’s heating up, temperatures aren’t at the point yet when Placer County needs to set up cooling stations. Dick Simmons, Placer County emergency services coordinator, said the county establishes cooling centers when the heat index is projected to reach 105 or higher for at least three consecutive days and nighttime temperatures stay above 75. Nighttime temperatures, according to the National Weather Service, go from 70 tonight down to 60 on Monday.