Expensive dinner raises judgment questions

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Our Placer County supervisors are experiencing what they deserve, a loss of public confidence in their capacity to manage, in their integrity and honesty and most important, their ability to make good judgments. To gain and maintain the respect and trust of the general public, the Board of Supervisors needed to respond quickly and appropriately to negative situations, and Richard Colwell’s responses failed to do that and getting your hand caught in the cookie jar will kill public confidence quickly. We only learn about this “nice gesture” more than two years after it happened (Journal, July 1). It was wrong and very expensive and Tom Miller and Colwell, the top two executives, quietly kept the secret. Why? Not being elected officials, they do not have as much at stake. Where were the supes who are responsible for protecting our financial interests? The AJ article says this was on our dime — actually it was 16,000 of our dimes. The code of silence prevailed, and it seems to say, as elected officials we have absolute autonomy. Not so supervisors, you do not have that power. Be sure the truth will prevail and you have lost the respect and trust of the general public. When it comes to the discussion of the pros and cons, costs and benefits of furloughs for employees of Placer County, supervisors use a sharp knife. But what about sumptuous dinners in far away places? The honesty, credibility and fairness go out the window? Like Swiss cheese, Colwell’s story is full of holes, nothing new there. Dale Smith, Auburn