Extremists for the right, rich

Reader Input
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What a show we have in the Romney-Ryan ticket: Mr. Romney an ecclesiast in the religious cult of Mormonism; Mr. Ryan a devotee of the anti-religious cult of Ayn Rand. Mr. Romney, a businessman who amassed a fortune by financial wrangling so arcane that he hides his money overseas and refuses to release his tax information or explain how his IRA shows a 20,000 percent return, clearly has no underlying philosophy; he has traduced every major political stand in his past, abortion rights, health care, etc., in his desperate bid to appeal to the extreme right. Mr. Ryan, a career politician whose life has been spent on the taxpayers’ dime, ensuring him a lucrative pension and a gold-plated health care plan is so bound to the ideas of his heroine that he stands ready, like a sociopath, to watch dispassionately as he stubs the burning cigar of Ms. Rand’s far-right philosophy into the face of the American public, seniors, the poor, the sick and the middle class. Romney-Ryan, extremists for the rich, the white, the 1 percent; remember this as you exercise the greatest freedom of the citizen, at the ballot box. John Sisson, Newcastle