Fairgrounds fireworks disappoint

Reader Input
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I’m beyond saddened by what has happened to the community events in Auburn. What used to be an incredible, small-town, close-knit community that celebrated residents and visitors alike by putting on amazing events has become beyond a disappointment. This year’s Fourth of July fireworks celebration and display at the fairgrounds were embarrassing to anyone who remembers when the fairgrounds were packed with patriotic residents who made sure to keep their money in the Auburn community. When my husband and I were able to get parking right next to the fairgrounds this year, I thought it was odd; once we got into the fairgrounds, it made sense — no one was there. There was only a handful of vendors, a quarter of the musicians, three food vendors and about 10 percent of the crowd that is usually in attendance. The fireworks show was poor at best, no patriotic music (unless you count the band that played top-40 music over the beginning of the fireworks display) and no large, grand finale. We were given a clue the display was over when the lights came on. My husband, and the group we were with spoke quietly discussing the disappointing evening; the group next to us however, decided to voice their opinion quite loudly by booing the display. My family and I will not be back next year and we have been fans for decades — never again; we will not be back. I will spend the next holiday in Tahoe or even, go down the hill, which I abhor the thought of spending the holidays or my money in Sacramento. Get it together Auburn, or the residents will start — and continue — to go elsewhere. Kristine Coman Nelson, Auburn