Family first and foremost

Reader Input
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Here’s my response to that bikini billboard ad that was covered over in community protest. I too was very angry about it. I read in the Journal (June 10) the comments from supporters who basically said in effect, “Aw, what’s the big deal?” I’ll tell them what the deal is — and I love this: primarily, Auburn prides itself as being a very strong, family-minded town. This automatically generates a strong, small-town community feel. What those advertisers put up there, they might not define as “pornography,” but it was definitely and blatantly indecent to the core. That was an insult to the character of our town and families. We still have a Family Night Out every year in our Old Town, all evening long, with quarter of a mile of many fun activities aimed at families, especially children. Try finding that in most any other town. GUY WINGFIELD, Applegate