Fans weigh in on Kings? draft options

Sacramento holds the fifth pick in this month?s NBA draft
By: Justin A. Lawson Journal Staff Writer
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The Sacramento Kings had a slight chance to grab the top overall pick in the NBA Draft on June 28, but ultimately ended up with the No. 5 pick after Wednesday?s NBA Draft Lottery. The Kings, which have been in the Lottery the last six years, have found success in recent drafts with the selections of center DeMarcus Cousins and point guard Isaiah Thomas. After a 22-44 record last season, Sacramento needs to find a few more pieces to get on the winning side of things. The Auburn Journal asked local fans to play general manager and give their thoughts what the Kings should do with the pick. Zach Burske, 26, of Auburn: ?I like (Thomas) Robinson out of Kansas, but they already have too many power forwards so they?d have to make a trade, maybe get rid of Donte Green, package him out of there. The better option is to get rid of the pick, No. 5. We have a lot of one-on-one players, we need somebody who can create (shots), maybe sign a free agent. ?There?s so many options. Like last year?s draft, I believe the Maloofs picked Jimmer (Fredette) to sell tickets, which it works for a season maybe but to sell tickets you?ve got to win.? Josh Turney, 19, of Auburn: ?Harrison Barnes from North Carolina. That?s what they need, they need a small forward.? Koal Swisley, 19, of Auburn: ?Ben Hansbrough (Notre Dame), he?s a savior. He can do everything.? Joey Jergo, 19, of Auburn: ?Perry Jones III from Baylor. The only problem I have with him is at times when stuff doesn?t go right he has an on-and-off switch with his body language. You know if he?s not going to play he expresses it. ?The good thing about Harrison Barnes is he?s one of those all-around players that, obviously he needs to work on more of his offensive game, but he?s a great shooter.? Ricky Herman, 38, of Auburn: ?Harrison Barnes. We need a small forward that knows basketball. He?s groomed to play NBA basketball, he?s got the perfect small forward body and he can actually play power forward too in the future.?