Fantastic job, Mitt Romney

Reader Input
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When watching the debate I can say Romney was great. He was able to answer everything he was asked. Obama probably wished he had something to look at for answers. He kept looking down when Romney spoke. Can we start believing Obama has done nothing for our country? He blamed Bush for the bombing of New York. He has done nothing for our veterans and look at all our homeless. A lot of our people cannot get jobs because Obama is letting the Mexicans come in and will work for less money. We do not need illegals here. If they want to be here they should speak our language and become citizens. Our country is freedom for all but learn to speak English and let it stay as our language. As I keep saying, we are the United States of America, not the United Nations. He has pushed through the stimulus bill that’s left one in 10 Americans without a job. Now he is trying to pass the Obamacare. We Americans have paid for our medical care and Social Security all our working lives. He does not want us to have it. He feels children should be able to get birth control or have abortions without parents’ approval. He has given the United States over $6 billion of our tax money in 2009 alone and another $175 million that the Bush Administration refused to pay. Last, Obama has reported Gov. (Jan) Brewer and people of Arizona to the United Nations as potential human rights violators for passing SB 1070 aimed at protecting people of Arizona from illegal immigrants who are swarming their states. I can tell you if the “Jackass” is voted in I guarantee you will end up being Nazi Germany. We are the land of the free and should be proud. God bless America. DEE NANN, Auburn