FDR policies failed USA

Reader Input
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I stand by the factual statements I wrote about Franklin Roosevelt and his policies (Reader Input, Aug. 8 and 19). There are dozens of well-researched books that support the premise (that) the war, not Roosevelt policies, ended the Depression. I didn’t have to leave the dinner table to talk to people who experienced the Depression. My parents raised their family through the Depression and following war. When I went to school in the ’40s and ’50s, my teachers had lived through the Depression and war. Dozens of businesses proudly proclaimed, “War Veteran.” When my father and his friends gathered, they spoke endlessly of Roosevelt and his failed policies with little praise. I knew people that worked on WPA projects, the Hoover Dam and in the CCC. My opinions are formed from the collective experience of those people plus reading. I recommend a book, “The Roosevelt Myth,” by J. T. Flynn, originally published in 1948, that sheds light on many of Roosevelt’s actions. I suggest that people follow the advice of Ronald Reagan. “Trust. But Verify!” Mr. Reagan also said, “Liberals aren’t bad people, they just believe so many things that aren’t true.” Willard F. Schmehl, Cool