Feds controlling insurance is folly

Reader Input
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In my opinion, our federal government is one of the most inefficient, bureaucrat-laden organizations in the world. Programs are almost always mismanaged, allowing rampant fraud and enormous cost overruns. A good example is our Medicare system. Now we are about to allow our federal government to mismanage a health care system that is huge, one-seventh of America’s economy. The cost of the proposed House and Senate bills, depending on whom you believe, is estimated between $800 billion and $2.5 trillion. Based on our government’s history of mismanagement, costs will end up higher than estimated, requiring more taxes to the rich, the poor and the middle class. The proposals increase taxes to wealthier Americans and small businesses next year. This will cost jobs and prevent job creation, making the existing jobless rate worse. They also propose to lower Medicare costs $500 billion, by decreasing payments to doctors. Such action could drive doctors from their profession, decrease the number of medical students, and/or decrease the quality of care to the elderly. In summary, I believe that the bills, if approved as proposed, will be mismanaged. Costs will be higher than estimated. Fraud will occur. Taxes will increase on everyone. Our jobless picture will get worse. There could be fewer doctors and the quality of care for elderly may suffer. Just about everyone agrees that the current health care system needs an overhaul. But the bills currently being considered border on the insane. Americans need to hold the bills’ sponsors accountable for this folly. LEE LARSON, Auburn