Fight dirty oil proposition

Reader Input
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On May 3 the campaign representing big Texas oil companies, Valero and Tesoro, announced they have submitted enough signatures to put a deceptive proposition on the November 2010 ballot that would kill California’s clean energy and air pollution control standards established by AB 32, the California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006. Californians must be wary of a proposition supported by dirty oil that would further permit polluting of our air and kill clean energy jobs. According to the California Air Resources Board, killing efforts to reduce air pollution will lead to drastic increases in premature deaths, asthma attacks and emergency trips to the hospital as a result of breathing dirty air. These dirty Texas oil companies don’t get it! They want to kill all investment in clean energy technology and job creation at a time when our economy needs it the most. Jobs advancing renewable energy like solar and wind have grown nearly 10 times as fast as the statewide average, not to mention, the increased cost to all at the gas pump if we allow this dirty energy proposition to pass. Californians must stand up against this deceptive proposition and refuse to permit dirty Texas oil companies to buy our votes. Reducing air pollution and advancing clean energy technology and jobs is good for our planet and our economy. Matthew Conti, Lincoln