Fight on Newcastle firefighters? side

Reader Input
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In response to the cheap, backward morons who fight any needed progress including the Measure B parcel tax for the Newcastle Fire District: There was no sleight of hand in passing Measure B. We were well-informed and Newcastle Fire District, Measure B Committee and a county supervisor held a meeting that I attended and explained everything very clearly and there are no apparent California Constitutional issues. That puts a couple of these lies to bed. But, as has been common ever since people have banded together to form governments and levy taxes to pay for services, we?ve had these cheap naysayers who want their public servants to perform perfectly for nothing and operate bad equipment out of cheap shelters. These are selfish, cheap, backward people who should never be taken seriously as fellow citizens. I don?t care to hear their pitiable cries for help when they need the services of Newcastle Fire District and the firefighters are unable to respond as well as they could if they were properly paid, outfitted and housed. I fully supported Measure B. I always support the Newcastle Fire Department and I want them to be well paid, well outfitted and work from a proper firehouse built to meet current standards and the future needs of the Newcastle community. I?ll fight any attempt to work against The Newcastle Fire Department and I invite everyone to join the fight. Gary Sanchez, Newcastle