Fire protection continues along canyon

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Residents in the Aeolia Heights neighborhood worked Saturday morning to keep fire risk down in their area of the American River Canyon. From 7:30-10 a.m. Saturday, 15 neighbors worked to clear scotch broom and wood brush from the canyon, according to City Councilman Kevin Hanley, chairman of the Greater Auburn Area Fire Safe Council. This effort was a part of the ongoing Project Canyon Safe taking place in neighborhoods along the canyon. The program started in May in the Robie Point area. The project involves creating a shaded fuel break to reduce fire risk and make firefighting easier should a fire occur. Hanley said he thinks the workdays are related to a national event. “On the larger issue, I see a connection between Sept 11 and what we are doing in the community,” Hanley said. “Three-hundred-forty-three firefighters died rushing into the Twin Towers on 9/11. … citizens get together and clear brush on their own property or on federal lands as a part of Project Canyon Safe, we increase the chance of Auburn and Placer County firefighters surviving a fire roaring up the American River Canyon.” Those who want to get involved with the Aeolia Heights project or start a project in their own neighborhoods along the canyon should e-mail Hanley at or call the Auburn Fire Department at (530) 823-4211, ext. 2. ~Bridget Jones