Follow laws, share roadways

Reader Input
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In response to Lisa Miller’s recent letter (“Country roads unsafe for bicyclists,” Reader Input, June 27), compromise would be wise. Let’s look at some topics: Having a near-collision is the result of an unsafe pass, not a cyclist in the road (ref. California Driver Handbook, “Driving in Hill Country,” and “Passing Other Traffic,” pages 51, 54). There shouldn’t be a problem sharing the road with cyclists, because all roads will be safe provided motorists are aware of the following: “Bicyclists on public streets have the same rights and responsibilities as automobile and motorcycle drivers. Respect the right-of-way of bicyclists because they are entitled to share the road with other drivers.” (Handbook, page 60). Failing to obey a stop sign is inexcusable for any vehicle on a public road. Cyclist and motorist alike can and should be cited for this violation. Where’s “The Law” when you need them? Tooting the horn while still 50 yards back is a friendly way to remind cyclists to adjust to single-file position, but bear in mind … if curves or hills prevent safe passing, the cyclist can see that, and has every right to maintain lane position until it is safe for a vehicle to pass. And please don’t confuse a toot with laying on the horn while directly behind a rider… that’s bad ju-ju. As a cyclist and a driver, I’m quite aware of the all-too-frequent affronts to the law and common courtesy by both cyclists and motorists. Sadly, we seem to be surrounded by others who care so little about their fellow road users due to perceived self-importance and privilege, both unenforceable social issues Compromise??Let’s all follow the law. Chris Carmichael, Auburn