Folsom jazz-infused rock band hitting right notes

By: Don Chaddock, The Telegraph
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Music is a passion for one up and coming Folsom-based band. Four young people combined their musical talents to form PointDexter, a jazz-infused rock band and now they are playing gigs from Modesto to Colfax. All the bandmates are under 25, the youngest being Sierra College student Arianna Kinsella at 20. Arianna and her brother Kevin, 23, reside in Folsom. Kevin attends California State University, Sacramento with fellow band member David Albertson, 20. Albertson plays guitar while Arianna handles backup vocals, piano and organ. Kevin is the lead crooner and bass player. Clint Brown, 22, attends Sierra College when not handling drums for the band. PointDexter has received warm reviews since they formed in 2006, garnering airplay on various local radio stations. “We’re unique from other local bands because we’re really influenced by older rock,” Albertson said. “But, we’re also influenced by new rock like Coldplay.” Balancing college and the band mean they usually play one to two gigs per week, he said, preferring to stay closer to home. “We like Folsom and Auburn a lot,” he said. On Dec. 13, the group performed at The Club Car in Auburn. Arianna has been interested in music since she was very young. “I was 6 years old,” she said. “I also played the French horn in elementary school and piano in school in the Folsom Middle School Jazz Band.” She was also involved in the Folsom High Jazz Band. “I really like jazz,” she said. “It was a big influence when I was studying with a teacher.” She said while the band members are all friends, they take the effort seriously. “We’re pretty professional,” she said. “My brother and I have been in bands before and they were less professional and never got as far as this band has. It’s exciting.” Despite their hectic schedules, they haven’t started bickering with each other. “We get along,” she said. “It’s really comfortable. We’re getting to the point where we could make something happen, so it’s very exciting. I hope we can make the most of our opportunities.” The band and school aren’t their only responsibilities. Most of the band members also teach music. “My brother and I still live in Folsom and the band practices in Folsom,” Arianna said. “I also teach piano. We all teach, except my brother. It’s our way of giving back to the community.” Albertson is a music major but Arianna has found her interest lies more in numbers. “I’m actually a math major,” she said. “It’s kind of funny though. You know, they say if you play piano or music, you’re good at math. I’m a strong believer in that.” The band’s music is available on iTunes and their scheduled performances may be found at