Forget any Streetscape statues

Reader Input
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I’ve been a resident of the city of Auburn for 40 years. I have read about the statues to be erected in the “Downtown Square.” Well, enough is enough. As to whom the statues should represent, by all the input it’s very obvious no matter which statues are selected certainly someone is bound to be offended either by the statues or by the omission of a statue whom they feel should be represented. It is mentioned that the “Streetscape History and Art Advisory Committee” is considering the “river theme,” “endurance theme” and “Maidu Indians theme” (maybe) but leaving the third art piece up for “artist interpretation,” whatever that means. How about all the Chinese, Italians, Portuguese, and all the other racial and ethnic groups that may have contributed to the growth of Auburn? Do they have a place in any of this? Forget about any statues and save the cost by putting that savings toward enhancing the square with other improvements. While I am on the Streetscape project, I see it as an accident waiting to happen with all the obstructions placed in the way for motorists to jockey. Have any of you driven Downtown lately? Well there, I have said my piece and wait for the responses. Joe Nicosia, Auburn