Formula to fight ‘Kendall curse’

Reader Input
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Dave Krizman courageously points out in his Dec. 30 (sports) column that Colfax routinely opens the Kendall Arnett facing Del Oro. Now I can understand that Coach Mark Lee organizes the tournament to give Placer the best possible chance for success (a long-standing tradition by host teams, and one perfected by Lee). But only his psychiatrist could explain why it is more important to see Colfax defeated in the first round than to see a full house watch Colfax face Del Oro in prime time during the second round. Colfax has had significant basketball success over the last several years, and despite a number of heart-breaking first round losses (do you remember the “clock malfunction” overtime loss in 2007?), they have used the “Kendall Curse” as a rallying cry to carry them deep into the playoffs. In fact, from 2005 to 2007, Colfax entered every Kendall Arnett undefeated, lost every first round game, and in each case ended up playing for the section championship in early March. In this time of economic crisis, there are a lot of bad ideas being floated about, and in fact our government has enacted most of them. But the one idea that won’t cost taxpayers a cent and will stimulate the local economy would be for Coach Lee to follow Krizman’s excellent advice and pair Colfax against a more appropriate opponent in the first round. Mira Loma, for example. Leonard Iventosch, Weimar