Freedom of speech on I-80

Reader Input
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My wife and I were driving east on I-80 in the three-lane section near Rocklin when a giant SUV pulled up next to our driver’s side door. The driver beeped his horn to catch our attention, leaned way across the passenger seat and gave us his middle finger. He continued to beep as he did so. Puzzled at his anger, I assumed I had goofed in my driving manners. No ... we were in the middle lane, driving the limit and no one was around our car. After the SUV finally sped off, it dawned on us. We have an Obama sticker in the rear window of our Beetle and that prompted this driver to give us this aggressive response. I never cared much for “W” but could not imagine giving “the finger” to a complete stranger who just happened to have a Bush sticker on their car. I guess this is covered under “freedom of speech” in our Constitution. Alan Shuttleworth, Colfax