Freedom of speech uncovers truth

Reader Input
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I think it’s great that the LaRouche PAC set up a booth in Downtown Auburn, (Journal, Sept. 8). It’s truly a testament to the ideals our country was founded on — liberty along with freedom of speech! However, I do have to question the correlation between President Obama and Adolf Hitler. In another country, these two PAC supporters would certainly have been arrested, but thanks to the United States of America, they are free to express whatever feelings or ideas they might have, regardless of how silly, dumb, or disrespectful they might appear. I would also have to question what impact candidates supported by such a PAC, one that presents seemingly unfounded and intellectually deficient ideas, would actually have on Congress. Perhaps if they were elected, they could perpetuate some of the intellectually deficient ideas our current Congress appears to entertain? That must be it. Whatever. Freedom of speech is a treasured right which should be exercised by all. That way, we can easily spot those who really have nothing constructive or substantial to offer other than attacking an individual instead of addressing the system. Lee C. Lydston, Auburn