Fuel prices fall in California

Cost of gasoline per gallon down an average of 11 cents in past month
By: Alex Mecredy Journal correspondent
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Gas prices are dropping in the state of California, much to the relief of Auburn area drivers.
According to AAA, the state average just a month ago was $4.21 per gallon. Within the last month the average has dropped 11 cents.
In Auburn, the prices have taken a noticeable fall. At Flyers, the cost of fuel is down to $3.97, one of the lowest prices in the area.
“It’s about time,” said Charlotte Donnan from Cool. “Generally, this is the same amount of money I would put in so I am curious to see if the needle gets higher.”
After pumping her gas, Donnan was pleased to announce that her gas gauge was “a little under a quarter more” filled with gas than in the past month for the same amount of money.
Although happy with her gas prices today, Donnan fears that, “It will be back up by the Fourth of July.”
Others, however, try to look away from the price at the pump.
“I haven’t really paid much attention in the last couple of months because the prices have been so high. I try not to think about it,” said Auburn resident Josh Hamilton.
Ray Sidhu, owner of the Beacon station, says that the barrel price is dropping which is why the prices are lower. In the last month, gas prices at Beacon have dropped from $4.29 to $3.89.
“Definitely the demand for gas was less but right now the price is down and my sales are up 25 percent since the prices have dropped,” Sidhu said.
Because of the high prices in gas, commuter Lisa Worthington saves money by leaving her car at home during the workweek and riding the Amtrak Corridor to work. The drive from Auburn to Sacramento for work 20 days a month was too costly. After doing the math, Worthington calculated that the cost in fuel each month amounted to about $450. The Amtrak corridor costs her $204 for unlimited access for the entire month.
“Auburn gas prices have dropped but I just went to San Francisco yesterday and the fuel there is about $4.15. There is about a 30 cent difference for just normal unleaded fuel,” Worthington said.
Heath Kearns, a traveler pumping diesel into his RV at Flyers said that so far on his road trip from Portland, Oregon that the prices have been “pretty much the same, right around $4.”
Down the road at the Chevron station, prices were higher than Flyers but still lower than in the past month
“It has been going down. So far it has gone down 10 cents. I hope it goes down more. Everyone says the price is too high. Everything is expensive,” said Chevron attendant Jeremy Lenz.
A frequent commuter pumping gas at the Chevron station, Katie Minor said she spends “a couple hundred miles a week in the car.”
So far she hasn’t noticed much of a change in gas prices but she has developed her own strategy.
“I shop at Raley’s and if I spend a certain amount of money on groceries, I get 50 cents off per gallon of gas their gas station,” she said.
AAA recommends several different tactics to save money on gas, most of them pertaining to car maintenance providing better gas mileage. The AAA advice includes checking the cleanliness of fluids, belts and hoses often and making certain they are in good condition. Driving with minimal quick stops and starts and unloading excess weight inside the car can also help.
Still, drivers would like a continued decline in price.
“Let’s hope it will go down. It’s high enough,” Minor said.


Gas Price Averages for June
South Lake Tahoe
— $4.20 (down six cents)
Marysville — $4.04 (down five cents)
Sacramento — $4 (down 12 cents)
Ukiah — $3.97 (down 12 cents)

Source: AAA