Fundamentalist terrorists hide behind religions

Reader Input, Online
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Who is the terrorist element that haunts the planet? There is a battle being waged in the world and America today. It is a battle of fundamentalism against progressive thought. It is the same battle that raged in Galileo’s time and during the church inquisitions. The terrorists of 2009 are religious fanatics and fundamentalist extremists who have hijacked and are hiding within the world’s formal religions. From Afghanistan came the fundamentalist Taliban and al-Qaeda. We all know the havoc they have created. In the Middle East fundamentalists come in the form of Hamas, suicide bombers and Hezbollah. In America fundamentalist anti-abortionists attacked abortion clinics; kill doctors; stalk, intimidate and harass doctors, patients, staff and supporters. A fundamentalist extremist, terrorist or religious fanatic is one who no matter what religion (Christianity, Islam, Judiaism) hides covert activities in or where they are. Ron Lowe, Nevada City