Funds available for spay, neuter

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n response to the letter by Donna McCloskey (Reader Input, June 1): I am very saddened by all the negative input concerning the cat spay needed by Claire Gibson. All is well. The cat is spayed and vaccinated and doing well. The cost of the surgery was covered by a grant from the Placer Animal Services Trust Fund and the owner paid for the vaccinations. This is part of a grant for low income owners. Some corrections need to be made Donna McCloskey’s letter. The PSPCA does not have a spay clinic open to the public. They do have several voucher programs available. Please see their web site for the programs currently available. The PSPCA does have a feral or stray cat program with the Animal Spay and Neuter Clinic in Auburn. They help with finances and the spay clinic does the surgery. Please call the clinic at (530) 889-8800 or the PSPCA (ext 104) for more information. Traps are available at the clinic to help with catching wild cats. Thank you to all those people trying to make a difference in the lives of stray and feral cats. Dede Shaw, Chairman, board of directors, Animal Spay & Neuter Clinic